“Steve Adamko FINALLY Reveals His PROVEN Secrets On How To Create the Right Look and Ambiance that Fits You and Your Home Like a Hand and Glove. You will Amaze Your Friends, Family, and Neighbors … Almost Grabbing Them By The Eyeballs And Dramatically Boosting Your Pride of Place and Esteem! GUARANTEED…Even If You Have No Clue About Your Design Dilemma!”

Your Days Of Suffering From “Ugly Unsatisfying Rooms” Are Finally Over As Steve Reveals “A Kings Ransom” Worth Of PROVEN Interior Design Insights and Techniques You Can “Integrate and Employ ” For Your Own Home!

Best Part:  Steve will even "Hold You By The Hand" And GUIDE You To Interior Design Heaven Thanks To His Mastery Of “The Secrets Of The Masters” … Hidden In Deep Archives.


From: Steve Adamko – Interior Designer

Re: Interior Design Ambiance Masterclass

Dear Possibly Frustrated Home Owner:

Over the years, I have achieved … through long study … a nearly total and complete knowledge and understanding of the “magical ingredients” to creating a wonderful look, feel, and ambiance in interior design. And if you isolated the ONE THING that enables me to create interior design environments much like orchestrated music … above anything and everything else … is my ability to literally visualize a room or home and write a “score or script” that uniquely describes the finished environment—for any type of residence.

And I will tell you this:  I wouldn’t be in this interior design business if I did not have the God-Given ability to actually see, feel, and experience a project from the very beginning of inception or conception, all the way through to the end, as well as any point in between. In addition, I have developed and built up my God-Given talents and skills, through rigorous study since I was 25 years old. I am one of the most highly sought-after Interior Designers in West Michigan, Southwest Michigan, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo. But, you wouldn’t know it, because in a way, I fly “Under-the-Radar.” I don’t earnestly look to be in all the “home and design magazines” in Michigan. As a matter of fact, I don’t really care to be in them. It’s no big deal to me.

But my work is in a Baker Furniture catalog, based on the oldest interior design firm in America … McMillen, Inc. N.Y, N.Y.  …The catalog is called “The McMillen Collection.” It’s better than being in any Michigan area home design magazine. This catalog went to every dealer or design firm around the globe and seen by thousands of people. My room and design using furniture from this collection, included pieces customized at my direction. You can see part of the completed room on page 15 of the catalog (with the 6810-34 Chair and 6810-11 Ottoman)

Why was being included in this catalog such a big deal to me?

Here’s why!

“The McMillen Collection” from Baker represents an extensive selection of furniture drawn from the practice of one of America’s most prestigious design firms. Since 1924, the interior design firm of McMillen, Inc., New York, has served America’s most distinguished families and homes. Their designs employ a sophisticated blend of what is beautiful and of surpassing quality in any period. Core to this practice has been their absolute insistence on materials of the highest quality, proportioned and scaled to their surroundings. Each piece assembled from personal and client collections encompassing 18th and 19th century French, Italian, English, Dutch, American and Chinese designs. Baker’s skilled craftsmen faithfully reproduced their handsomely figured woods, finely decorated lacquers, antique paint finishes, and carefully detailed upholstery.

Old and new clients pay me for my insight, skill, talent, and wisdom … As well as for my ability to hit the “design target” in the bulls-eye … each and every time, and year after year.

I have written over 21 articles for EzineArticles .com in the interior design arena. And, EzineArticles rates me as a Diamond Level Expert Author. I have created and produced over 363 YouTube videos for my YouTube channel “ DesignAmbiance . ” In addition, I have an interior design Podcast called “ Interior Design Beat ” … broadcasted on iTunes , Stitcher , Player.FM , PodBean , TuneIn , Libsyn , and Blubrry . The breath, depth, and diversity of my knowledge of interior design and related fields, all embodied in one person is simply not matched, in the state of Michigan and especially here in Kalamazoo and Southwest Michigan.

Wow! … YOU get the benefit of all this wisdom, knowledge, and expertise!

A major development had to do with discovering:  

The “X-Factor” Almost Nobody Talks
 About Because So Few Understand It!

The first person talking about “how to succeed” I discovered was Earl Nightingale. He was famous for saying one of my favorite lines:  “Figure out what everyone else is doing…and then do the opposite.” 

Since I don’t follow copy trends and fads, I benefited greatly from it.

But there was something missing. I realized that a “look” didn’t really matter if there was no ambiance attached to it in a very holistic and organic way. It would be like watching a movie without the soundtrack or the music score adding the vital emotions of impact, passion, excitement, calm, tranquility, suspense, expectation, and drama, as well as a host of other emotions.

That shifted my interest to interior design. I remember getting my hands on a hammer and tool belt when I was five years old in upstate New York. My grandfather was self-taught in carpentry and my father had a degree in construction, and was a carpenter as well and later became a construction superintendent. So, ever since I was five years old I wanted to be a carpenter. Even today, I love working with tools and have designed and built furniture for my clients and myself.

Then in 7th grade I discovered a T-square, drafting board, scale, and triangles. That really turned me on! … To drafting, and the potential be an architect. So, I was on my way to being an architect from that point on … Until … I came across a book in 11th grade called “Your Career In Interior Design” by famous New York interior designer Michael Greer. He had to give up his ambition to be an architect when he flunked calculus in college. That was his last failure, and it led to his greatest success—reaching the top in the interior design field while still a young man. He was convinced that the satisfaction he had found in interior design could never be equaled in any other career.

It was amazing to find a book that chronicled exactly the same path I was traveling on! But, I have to say I really enjoyed geometry, but I did not like calculus. So, because I did not like calculus I decided not to go into architecture, which I loved, but pursue interior design, because it blended everything I loved … carpentry, architecture, and interior design. I also came to the realization that the inside of a building affects people more than the outside of the building. And, with every given facade there’s a multitude of things you can do with the interior.

In all countries around the world, and all periods throughout recorded time, little has had so much influence on the character and well-being of human beings as their immediate surroundings. Even though architecture and interior design is a hand in glove relationship and inseparable from each other … the architecture has less direct personal influence upon the inhabitants than the interior.

As with architecture, the interior designer must possess a strong, and sure knowledge of his historical precedence. Not only is it helpful to have a knowledge of the creation of “period” interiors created by the masters, the interior designer must fully understand the enormous influence surroundings have on the lives of human beings.

But the discovery and direction that changed my life wasn’t any of those things. Sure, they were ALL vitally useful, but there’s one thing that made me extremely successful in creating interiors with the right look and ambiance that fit the client like a hand in glove:

That One Big DARN Secret Is
The Ability To Put Words On Paper That Captures a Clients Imagination and Literally Compels
Them to Willingly and Joyfully Open Their Wallets And Invest In My Interior Design Vision Based Off My Skillful Questions and Careful Listening to Their Answers. This Part Gets Them Very Excited!

A Totally Tailored Environment …

Scripted Exclusively For Them!

That’s right, it’s the ability to craft a visual/emotional message and “blueprint” of the completed interior design and put it on paper…for them to see in “Virtual Technicolor” before an actual plan is drawn up. While, literally affecting them so much that the vision lifts them to a higher level … irresistibly compelling them to invest in themselves for their ultimate enjoyment, and long-lasting satisfaction.

This is the exact same thing that I accomplished for a cardiologist … allowing him to have an “Oasis” everyday, instead of having to escape to his other home in Chicago six hours away, in order to “get away.” I think I relieved some stress and enhanced his enjoyment of the personal aspect of his life. A very big accomplishment … in addition to increasing seating for family and friends in a way they never would have imagined, and doing it beautifully!

Bam! ... This is what separates me from other interior designers and decorators—the ability to create a motion picture in the minds of my clients for them to see, feel, and experience.

In the case of the cardiologist and his family, my involvement enabled them to prosper … experience wise … through crafting their interior in a very special way. Even his neighbors didn’t have access to this “special designer treatment.”
Through using my Special Interior Design Techniques … The environment was imbued visually, emotionally, and tactilely … I made him a “wealthy man.”

His family has reaped the rewards as well, especially his wife and her enhanced enjoyment of her surroundings. Wow … is she ever happy!

And it’s the one BIG secret that enabled me to design an interior in St. Croix, in the U.S. Virgin Islands … while I was in Grand Rapids, the client in Kalamazoo, the architect in North Carolina, and the actual home being built in the Eastern Caribbean, on the beautiful island of St. Croix. It turned out just as I had envisioned it … and exactly like I described the look, feel, to the ambiance client.

“Prior, proper, preparation, prevents, poor performance” … as I often say, in addition to … “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.”

In other words, this is the ONE SKILL that other interior designers and decorators (even yours)…do not have. And this is your opportunity to enjoy a unique experience no one else you have ever dealt with can deliver!
You’ll Be Able To Open The Virtual Vault
And Find Help and Guidance To Create The Best Interior Design For You!

You’ll be able to see, feel, and experience your home the way YOU never thought was possible. It will not be as “someone else”...or how your clueless peers think it should be. 

You see, some people might think I’m a bit critical and maybe a little “offensive”. But that’s OK. I just don’t put up with certain “stuff” in my interior design business and what I personally deliver to my interior design clients that other people tolerate knowingly or unknowingly. 

Being able to see, perceive, enunciate, describe, and a write an effective and emotional design vision for my clients, allows them to live the life they want to live in their home that is amazingly attractive to them. The type of interiors they have always wanted and dreamed of, for years. Even if it was a vague dream to them, before they met and engaged me. It can be the same for you!

Imagine what your home is like now. Is it attractive to you and your family as it really could really be? Have you, in a sense put up with the look and feel you wish you could get rid of but can’t, because you really can’t see your way through and/or are incapable of seeing it.

Putting words on paper can solve all that for you. But, it has to be done in a certain way, with a certain mindset, and with “visual binoculars.” You have to see and perceive it before you actually get there. When that happens the right way, the “Magic” begins! … And Whoa! … Get ready for some excitement! Baby!

Many people previously ended up having their house done by someone else before coming to me. Some that had followed that course of action, found out later about me and the how and why I do things the way I do in interior design.

…When they found out about my unique approach … it REALLY ticked them off … that they had not come to me first to work on their home and particularly to solve their design problem or design dilemma.

Well, what we did was approach the situation the right way. Much like a doctor would before he writes a prescription. My unique process and methodology virtually eliminated the “mere look” most people have … and "supercharged" it with AMBIANCE!

Problem solved! … With the right “tailored look for them” and “The Magic of Ambiance!”

That’s what a Master Interior Designer can do for you. Imagine spending $10,000, $100,000, even a million dollars! … On your interior design and not having it turn out totally right, because you didn’t correctly ascertain and choose the correct interior designer for you, your needs, and your situation. Many people have done that—and I can assure you…you better do your own due diligence in choosing the right interior designer and quit relying on others or peer opinions of who you should choose. It’s your money … and your mind. Use both of them right!

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get.” – Warren Buffet

But If You IGNORE The Importance Of Taking The Time To
Choose The Right Designer For You And Your Home, Then Beware!

If you ignore what I’m saying here and DON’T choose the right designer to properly translate your dreams and aspirations…it imprisons you in many different ways.

The design of a room is composed of various elements affecting the human senses! Without a doubt, the interior designer’s job is manifold. He must be able to conceive of the design of an interior space complete with furnishings. He must be able to select all the components; he must have full knowledge of these components in order to supervise all the subsidiary arts and crafts, and follow through to the completion of the installation. In some cases, he will have the opportunity to work with the architect in deciding exactly what the space will be like in the final analysis. More often, the interior in which the interior designer works is an already given area, bounded by ceiling, walls, and floor.

It is essential that the interior designer have a workable knowledge of architecture that will enable him to give sound advice on such functional elements as lighting, heating, ventilation, soundproofing, and any structural requirements as they relate to the artistic and appropriate appearance of the interior … along with its furnishings. Every element in the interior must be of concern to the interior designer.

Sure, you might be “OK” at interior design —but if you’re just “OK” you’ll always be on the “short end of the stick” when it comes to the amount of impact and ambiance you could achieve. It could be putting you at risk to the ever-changing fads, trends, and conditions of the marketplace … as well as the ever-present and unhealthy influence of HGTV … that could wreak havoc on your home and interior design enjoyment. So don’t be deceived!

And don’t say, “Well, I’ll just use a furniture store decorator or designer…or I’ll just hire the one my best friend used!” Well, you might be off the hook, but if that interior designer or decorator really doesn’t know comprehensively what he or she is doing—you might have no clue or way of knowing this.   

So it’s BETTER to do your own due diligence. You need to ask the right questions, in order to get the right answers, so you can get the right results exclusively for YOU. Heck, not only will it make you a better “designer detective” and more informed—it’ll make you a better client as well!

Think about this:  The right type of knowledge is power, and it can be applied for your benefit. Never forget that prior-proper-preparation-prevents poor-performance. You can take that to the bank. As a matter of fact it will save your bank, so that you can invest your money in the proper way … for the best return on your interior design investment.
If you do it any other way, you may think you are ahead…and yet wind up no farther ahead as a result. That would be a total shame.

The FASTEST skill you can and should learn, that can help you tremendously, is for you to become a masterfully adept questioner. The proper results can occur much faster, much easier, and yield fantastic results more easily, if you learn the power and ability of asking the right questions, in order to get the right answers, in order for you to get the right results for you and your home. Ask questions, get clarification, and use your own mind, to make your own decisions regarding your life and your home in the process of choosing the correct interior designer for you.

You can use my Interior Design Ambiance Seminar as a helpful springboard for your home or a future home, your own apartment or condo, to expand or renovate your home, to launch a new building venture, and even as a guide for your decorating journey.

The Interior Design Ambiance Seminar can help you do it—as it’s clearly the most powerful and rapid means of creating exceptional interior design! Surely better than the average interior design that you see so often. 

In fact, I thought it was so important that…a couple years ago:

I Held My Unique Interior Design Seminar
“How To Create Ambiance … No Matter What The Budget!”

Here’s the deal: It took place a couple years ago near Detroit Michigan and only 100 people were let in.  
In it, I shared almost every top level interior design technique in the book—along with hordes of photographic slides the attendees could use to stimulate creative thinking in their OWN homes and businesses the easy way.

So, I didn’t just want to teach them to fish so to speak…but also GIVE them the darn fish! By the time the seminar was over, everybody got a virtual interior design clinic they couldn’t get anywhere else or from anybody else because of my unique teaching method.  

There are many “heavy hitters” out there across United States…the same ones that you see in Architectural Digest. But, I know how to “bring it” when it comes to dispensing actionable interior design strategies designed to bring about more feeling and ambiance in your home. Not only can I do it … I can teach it as well. My work in the Baker McMillen Collection catalog exemplifies Architectural Digest quality work. Otherwise, it would not have ended up in the Baker McMillen Collection catalog which represents an extensive selection of furniture drawn from the practice of one of America’s most prestigious and oldest design firm in America … McMillen, Inc. N.Y, N.Y

More on that later. But for now I’m going to give you a chance to “let you in” on my very unique Interior Design Ambiance Seminars for a FRACTION of what “everyone else” paid:

“To Get In”

Steve Adamko’s
Interior Design Ambiance Seminars!

“Or Engage Steve For Your Project”

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When a "Mere Look" just won't do ... You Need Ambiance! ... Orchestrated Especially for You! This Means You Get Captivating and Engaging Interior Design Tailored Specifically to You and Your Lifestyle.

Great Interior Design engages you emotionally, visually, spiritually, intellectually, and tactilely.

This is exactly what you get with me!
So don't delay! Call me today! Toll-Free at 866-239-6520

You will Always Get Skillful ... Knowledgeable ... Passionate Interior Design, Talent, and Insight when working in concert with Steven C. Adamko on your interior design project.

"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece."

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort."

High levels of expressive communication form the cornerstone of Steve's design practice.  Expect great drawings in addition to excellent verbal communication in the form of word pictures, analogies, decriptions, and more. You have now found the rare professional who not only envisions, but literally sees the project done, before it is actually done!

Meet your expert tour guide!
Steven C. Adamko

Steve Adamko is the Only Interior Designer to have his Interior design work in the Baker Furniture catolog entitled 'The McMillen Collection'

Spectrum Interiors

Established 1982

Corner of the mansion master bedroom showing eight tufted upholstered reading chair from the Baker Furniture the McMillen collection. Interior design by Steven C. Adamko

Corner of mansion master bedroom showing custom Venetian secretary and a classic Louis XVI ribbon-back arm chair. Interior design by Steven C. Adamko

Photo of Steven C. Adamko - Interior Designer - Owner & Founder of Spectrum Interiors in Kalamazoo & Portage Michigan

Interior Design with a Look and Ambiance!
Your Great Benefit and My Philosophy

YouTube DesignAmbiance Channel

Photo of a mansion master bedroom showing custom bed covering and toss pillows in the foreground, plus seating areas in a Louis XVI room. Interior design done by Steven C. Adamko, owner and founder of Spectrum Interiors in Kalamazoo Michigan
Great design is predicated on proper discovery work and a systematic process that is liberating, but not stifling. In addition, I am extremely blessed to have the ability to see my design work done in what I call “3-D sensor-round.”  This means that I can see, visualize, feel, and experience the end result as if it were already a physical reality. I can do this at every point during our design process.

I approach a design job like a doctor, an attorney, and an archer in these ways:

Like a doctor, I listen to what the “problem” is or what the client needs, wants, and doesn’t want. I ask the proper questions to get to the “root of the problem.”  I take the proper “measurements,” document the results, analyze the results, and then prescribe the proper and efficacious solutions.

Like an attorney, I do my “due diligence.” I ask the right questions, to get the right answers, to get the right results. Then I substantiate my findings, suggestions, and course of action with the proper selections of elements and materials. I conclude by presenting a full body of evidence that culminates in a rich and satisfying outcome.

Like an expert archer, I have hit the bulls-eye every time for the last 38 years! I take my job quite seriously, yet I have a lot of fun with my clients as I teach them along the way. In doing so, they not only understand the process, but they have fun with it, too. Being actively involved enriches their experience and heightens their appreciation of their new environment. An educated client is a better, happier client. Plus they’re just more fun to work with! This is the vital importance of real communication in all its forms, including words, sketches, drawings, and detailed specifications.

Finally, I bring the “magic experience” of ambiance . It is the intangible aspect that goes far beyond a mere “look”. The aspect of ambiance brings depth, orchestration, vitality, musicality, animation, and pure sensory enjoyment to your environment and life. To that end, I am dedicated.

Photo of a mansion master bedroom in an eclectic styling of a Louis XVI room by interior designer Steven C Adamko, owner and founder of Spectrum Interiors, in Kalamazoo Michigan
Photo Steven C Adamko, interior designer, and his inch your design work. Owner and founder of Spectrum Interiors, established in 1982 in Kalamazoo Michigan

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