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Steven C. Adamko - Expert Interior Designer


Photo of eclectic Louis XVI master bedroom by interior designer Steven C. Adamko, owner and founder of Spectrum Interiors in Kalamazoo/Portage Michigan

Our Projects

It is always about giving you a personally tailored environment that fits you like a well tailored suit!

No "one size fits all" ... no "cookie cutter" designs ... no "designer stamp." I provide the best and most appropriate designs that make you look and feel your best in your environment. You get the Look and the Ambiance! The Best ... Nothing Less!

  1. Photo of a luxurious bathroom and make-up area with custom furniture and lighting design all done by interior designer Steven C. Adamko, owner and founder of Spectrum Interiors based in Kalamazoo Michigan
    Eclectic Design & Custom Furniture
    My definition of Eclectic Design is a "Masterful Orchestration" of unique and varied furniture, materials, and finishes that energize and enhance each other. Meet a Master of this right here!
  2. Photo of luxurious office reception and waiting area with marble floors, upholstered walls, and custom mahogany millwork designed by interior designer Steven C. Adamko
    Reception Areas & Offices
    Reception areas, conference rooms, and offices are and should be "silent salespeople" for the business that they represent. I make this happen to enhance your business and the bottom line.
  3. Photo of a family room sitting area alcove with mica wall-covering, tufted ultrasuede love seat, gaufrage leather chair, penn-shell inlaid tables, and  exotic loop and cut carpeting. Interior design by Steven C. Adamko, owner and founder of Spectrum Interiors, established in 1982 in Kalamazoo Michigan
    Traditional & Transitional
    Blending progression and richness together in a fresh way respects the traditional sphere and the the contemporary world in a kind of ebb and flow that moves you through the space.
  4. The interior design work is Steven C. Adamko as shown in the Baker Furniture catalog titled The McMillen Collection
    Elegant Traditional Residential
    Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous ... Quality, Beauty, Elegance, and Sophistication are all wrapped up and presented here! It's also where custom furniture design is implemented.
  5. Luxurious commercial loan area in a major bank by interior designer Steven C. Adamko, with custom wool carpeting, exotic veneer and Verde green marble
    Banks & Financial Institutions
    All financial institutions need to exude richness and security. Well-integrated materials and finishes are orchestrated to deliver just the right message that garners customers and keeps them.
  6. Photo of a luxurious and elegant traditional country club by interior designer Steven C. Adamko
    Country Clubs
    The "Home away from Home" needs the same "creature comforts," plus engaging elements that resonate with all of the senses. The experience should be a "hole-in-one" with all the excitement.